Specialized Savings

Specialized Savings

Automated Accounts Payable Service

Key highlights:

  • $0 cost service.
  • 50% efficiency savings.
  • Seamless Integration with your ERP and banking systems.
  • Added security with virtual card payments.
  • Monetizing your AP with rebates from virtual card payments.

Traditionally, operating a company's accounts payable function was viewed as a necessary expense without revenue-generating potential.  However, this perspective is changing.

For businesses that manually process hundreds of invoices each week, transitioning to virtual payments offers substantial benefits.  Not only is it easier than dealing with checks and ACH, but it's also faster.  Increased speed translates to significant cost savings.

Our partner's Virtual Payment platform is compatible with your existing accounting software, and there's no need to change banking relationships.  By adopting Virtual Payments, your organization not only saves time and money but also generates revenue with each transaction. 

This automated virtual payment solution is not only FREE but seamlessly integrates with your organization's existing accounting software, streamlining your current procedures.  In addition to saving time, money, and paper, this solution actually pays you a rebate for every virtual payment made.

How much revenue, you ask?  Every $10 million in Virtual Payments could add $135,000 in additional revenue to your bottom line.

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Earned Wage Access 

Key highlights:

  • 79% increase in job applicants
  • 36% reduction in employee turnover
  • 72% of employees want this benefit
  • ZERO integration with current payroll systems

Introducing Pay Any Day, a digital payment service tailored to hourly workers, offered as a company-sponsored third-party employee benefit program. This innovative solution comes at no cost to employers and requires zero integration with existing payroll systems.

In an era of historically low unemployment rates, the challenge of attracting and retaining top talent looms larger than ever before.  Providing instant access to earned wages is a game-changing benefit that fosters loyalty among hourly workers and positions employers as leaders in talent acquisition.  In the near future, employers with hourly staff who do not offer this perk risk falling behind their competition.

It's worth noting that the cost of replacing an employee averages over $3,200, and the toll of absenteeism adds up to over $3,500 in expenses. 

With Pay Any Day, employers have an opportunity to reduce these costs while gaining a competitive advantage in the job market."

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Optimized Shipping & Freight Service

Key highlights:

  • 15%+ Savings Potential
  • Parcel & LTL shipments on one platform
  • Keep your current carriers
  • USPS exclusive rates

While a company's shipping expenses can represent a significant chunk, ranging from five to ten percent of their annual revenue, tackling this challenge effectively has proven elusive for many.  With our innovative shipping platform, we offer a solution to conquer this obstacle.

Shipping carriers have contributed to this complexity, resulting in overspending and putting businesses at a competitive disadvantage.

Our partners have revolutionized the game with a cutting-edge shipping execution platform, offered at no cost to qualifying clients.  Paired with exclusive rates and cost-saving strategies unavailable elsewhere, this system goes beyond label printing.  It's a fully automated, multi-carrier shipping technology designed to continuously optimize your shipments, uncovering savings opportunities within both small parcel and LTL shipments.  You can seamlessly integrate your existing carriers into this shipping platform.

Backed by proprietary software and a staggering volume of over two hundred million parcels shipped annually across more than twenty thousand clients, we grant you access to rates that were once only a dream. 

By leveraging our software, our clients typically experience savings ranging from 15% to an impressive 40% on their shipping expenditures.  This comes with the added benefit of streamlining and enhancing workflow efficiency in your shipping operations.

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