Data Management

Professional Data Management

ATI streamlines your data management by offering comprehensive services that encompass data capture, input, custom form and workflow creation, and audit reporting. Our solution liberates your operational team from these tasks, allowing them to concentrate on core activities. By integrating your maintenance, training, and safety protocols into the Cupix platform, we enhance efficiency and accessibility, ensuring that stakeholders at all levels can effectively use and view this information.

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AI Navigator System

Our AI (Asset Information) Navigator System offers a tailored solution to enhance the efficiency of data capture, management, and utilization in your facility's operations. We provide professional 360 camera captures of your facility and facilitate the data inputs into the CupixWorks platform.  ATI will create customized forms and workflows within the CupixWorks platform, specifically designed to streamline maintenance, training, and safety management. Additionally, our system provides succinct, relevant reporting for senior stakeholders, ensuring they receive only the essential information they need.